Impress your audience with Impressive Stage Acts

Human Fountain

Magical Elegance - A Living Fountain

( The Human Fountain is a unique entertainment experience, where nature comes to life with an extraordinary combination of movement, music and live interaction )

Helio Angels

Helio Angel Flies Up & Down, Interacting With Your Guests, Leaving Them in AWE

( A very high impact act! … mind - blowing - Internally lit GIANT balloon looks surreal )

The Martini

Martini Glass As The Center Piece

( To create stunning visuals, glamorous & entertaining atmosphere )

Shooting Star

Amazing Aerial Dance

( Shock your audience with solo / duo Arial dance )

Silver Fountain

Movement, Music & Live Interaction

( An extraordinary combination of movement, music and live interaction )


Interactive Stilt Walkers Add Fun & Bring Life into Any Event

( good option for corporate parties, theme parties, kids parties & other social events)

flute mermaid

Magical & Exotic Outlook for Your Events

( pour in your events with the evergreen flute melodies sang by a beautiful mermaid )

The Statue

Welcoming & Interactive Statues

( our interactive statues will glorify your events with there mysterious presence )